Leadership Minute – Remember to Par-tay!

Have you ever met someone who has managed to get good things done in life, but they make everyone miserable in the process? Most achievements take a lot of hard work to get there. If you want to retain your sanity, retain your team and actually enjoy something of the adventure we call “life”, then plan to celebrate along the way.

Yes, there are times to get your head down and work hard, but we tend to forget that it’s just as important to stop working, remember the good things, celebrate the wins (however small), rest, and connect with people at a more relaxed and “human” level. If you ask older people what they wish they’d done differently in life, often they’ll say something like, “I wish I’d stopped and enjoyed it all a bit more”.

If you’ve ever read the Bible right through, you’ll see that God got busy creating and then rested and enjoyed it. God made us to have regular rest times and enjoy life too. God even commanded people to have regular celebrations and feasts – God is a party God! Jesus was even criticised for celebrating and enjoying life too much!

We’re human be-ings, not machines. Think about that for a minute. How great is that?! How well do you “be” and celebrate? What can you do to help your team stop, remember and celebrate?




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